Ruler Of Kings, The Voice Of The Ancients

About The Book

Since childhood the mystical voices of the ancients have compelled him to his destiny. Haunting, apocalyptic words from centuries past are carved into his soul and sustain him. The presidential election is a crucial step, and only one person stands in the way of his final triumph.

While governments fall into chaos, his family is fulfilling the ancient prophesies for global domination. He waits patiently for the nations to declare him Ruler of Kings.

Incomprehensible wealth and power, along with his masterful, seductive charms have awarded him every pleasure and desire, except one. Will he renounce his destiny to possess the one thing that has eluded him? Or follow the voice of the ancients?

What People Are Saying
Heather M.

I read your book, Ruler of Kings, Voice of the Ancients, in one night! I couldn’t put it down.  What a great novel. Strong characters, breath taking places  full of twists and unexpected events. This would make a super intense  movie.  Send it to Hollywood.

Mr. Louis Vella

Ruler of Kings, is a thriller for sure!  The events in this novel speak of today and yet were written seven years ago, very foretelling of our current political situation.    This novel takes you on a journey around the world giving you an intriguing look into unspeakable wealth, power, evil, beauty, innocence, romance, betrayal all the emotion’s readers desire!  Would love to see this on the big screen, it is that exciting.

Ms. Katherine

I was given Anna, a Story of Redemption as a gift. Not my usual genre, but I must confess I truly enjoyed it. The writer, Melanie , brought you into the story with such ease and within a few pages you felt as if you were there with Anna. Strong characters, beautifully crafted romance, historically interesting, well written. I recommend this book to anyone who loves taking a journey back in time and living with the people there.

Raquel Bevza

It took me a while to read  Anna, a Story of Redemption, because of my eye sight, but what a wonderful story!  I laughed, cried, got mad and loved the entire book.   Written with such depth and clarity that I had to remind myself  it is a novel, not a biography.  I hope you continue your writing career the world needs beautiful love stories.

Jerry Havelend

I couldn’t put it down, I’m talking about Ruler of Kings, The Voice of the Ancients. What a great book!!   Tons of twists and turns, exciting places and appealing characters.  Would love to see this made into a movie.  Hope Hollywood doesn’t miss this one.

Mrs. Alice Rice

I just finished reading Anna a Story of Redemption. What a wonderful story!  It has everything good books should have. Strong characters, suspense, love, hate and surprise ending.  Thank you for writing this beautiful story.

Sue Anne Wilson

Every day I rush  home and continue to read your book Ruler of Kings!   What a thrilling story, unexpected twists and turns, strong characters  mystical and alluring places- I love it!  Interesting plot regarding a world ruler.   Write more, please.

Theresa ThomasOrlando, Fl.

Ruler of Kings,  what a thriller-wow!   The exotic places and mystery- you paint a vivid story.  I know I should hate that seductive charmer, but I can’t.  He is everything women want and don’t need! Lol    One of my favorite scenes is the ancient festival and the  opulent desert tent, take me there.  Is there a sequel? I hope so.

Kate Brady

I just loved reading Anna, and finished it just moments ago. I love the way you tied it all together at the end – what a joy.
The characters become real and the tale itself is captivating and real, especially to hear eye witness accounts from characters who lived with Jesus before, during and well after the crucifixion.


This one is so different from your first book, Anna. But  the story was every bit as good, and I couldn’t wait to come home from work and continue reading.  The people in this book are alive and you wrote it allowing us to be a part of each chapter- wonderful.  The beautiful and exotic scenes were spell binding and alluring.  Please tell me you have another one coming!

Sue Nathan

I loved this story! I felt like I was watching a movie.  Your descriptions are amazingly vivid and the twist and turns wow- hurry and write another book!

Joyce Daniels

I wish I had your ability to create such living scenes and characters. And like your first book this should be made into a screen play. In fact, it almost reads like a movie script. Many surprises and unexpected things occur in this book, maybe some are too unexpected, most readers like a little more notice when a change is about to happen.  I  did enjoy the journey. Keep On Writing.

ScottJacksonville, Fl.

Romance books are not my thing, but thank you for writing such a great book. God used it to bring healing to me and my relationship with others. Forgiveness came to me and through me as I read this novel. Your characters were  strong  and so real, the history is spot on. Again thank you so very much this book changed my life.  My wife says your second book  is completely different, but just as good.

Diane ThomasChicago Ill.

This book is great!  I read it in two days couldn’t put it down, thanks for writing it.

Johnnie Blackwelder

“Ruler of Kings” is a high stakes political thriller full of love, deceit, faith and betrayal. Unforeseeable twists and turns lead us into a world that very few of us could fathom even in our wildest dreams! As the story comes to life it is apparent that through the use of power, control, life altering secrets and manipulation the REAL rulers of the world can and have caused once normal people, families and whole governments to dance for the “puppet master” of an ancient society that has more wealth, power and influence than anyone could ever conceive! Set in a conflicting web of normalcy, unbelievable wealth and family secrets the story winds its way through modern society with all of the political, social and sexual attributes we experience today as well as bringing to life an ancient civilization that explains that our world may have been under the control of a select powerful family far longer than we could imagine. With religious and moral underpinnings and the culmination of fascinating events and attractively portrayed characters we are lead to an unexpected conclusion all the while remaining emotionally moved and wildly entertained! A must read! (see).

Michael Kelly

I really, really enjoyed "The Voice Of The Ancients"! It has great characters and is full of excitement,intrigue, plot twists and turns.... all the elements that make for a GREAT story. Melanie Powers has done it again!!!

Vivian Cheek

This book was given to me as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it! The author brings to life the story of Anna's and how her life fit into the time of Christ. It is moving, romantic, and a love story for her husband and her Lord. It is a "must read" for everyone and a great gift to the Christian woman. This is a five star book!

PeggyJacksonville, Fl.

Anna has been a really interesting read. I started the day it came and finished it last night. I felt very close to these folks and to Jesus as I participated in their struggles and "walked" with Anna through her lifetime. Thanks so much.

Penny Powell

The book is absolutely amazing and evokes all sorts of emotions, and I've never cried so much from a book in my life!! 🙂 One day, I wanted to pause from reading and share with you what I was feeling at that time, but since I didn't want to put the book down, I just kept on going. 🙂  If I didn't have to balance the book with other responsibilities, I would have finished it in a day....because it keeps you wanting to know what's next and next and next while getting fed spiritually. You are a seriously a gifted writer!! Love this BOOK!

Deseret Brown

Anna is one of the most inspirational and beautiful books I've read. The faith-filled miracles of God that emblazon these pages bring light to the soul and encourage one to come unto the Master Jesus Christ. I've grown closer to Him as I apply such faith and goodness, as found in this book, to my own life. He truly is in everything, especially us. If you know and love God, or want to come to know Him, read this book! I promise you'll be blessed as you let the teachings of the Savior change you.

Diane ThomasChicago

Melanie, I finished your book  ANNA and I truly loved it!  sincerely, I couldn’t put it down. My grandchildren commented “wow, grandma, you must really like that book.” I’m looking forward to the next one.

C.L. Myers

I completely enjoyed your novel as did my mother both of us are waiting to read the next one.

Clare Perotti

I read your book and enjoyed it so much thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

KarenChristian Life Coach

Melanie, I read it through a couple  weekends ago and I liked it a lot. I enjoyed the characters and the story.  Nicely done.   I hope you'll consider submitting something you haven't yet published to our writers showcase. Your writing talent is stellar.  I'd love something from you with a message just for struggling  Christian women. All the best in your work.


I did so love Anna. I am looking for your next book! Has it gone to the publisher yet and where can I order it. Thanks and many blessings.

Patty Byrd

I read it ....could relate to it for today's time too... I really like the history of it all, the hardest thing was not to see the author as Anna (LOL) Mel did a great job at making it alive, very good read.

Hope R.

I finished your book last week and I really did enjoy it a lot.  I don’t like to read, but I found myself hooked after the first three of four pages.   I saw things about God that I never knew before and that was good for me.  I was taken from my mom when I was young and I thought that God was mad at me for something I did. But now I understand that’s not true.  He does love me and has good in store for me your story helped me see that.  I wish other teens would read this book and learn this too.

Johnnie B.

Wow Melanie! As a fellow writer I was inspired by your writings! Following Anna throughout her life journey was greatly engaging because of your obvious talent! I can become somewhat bored with books these days since a large majority are not so well written. This was not the case with Anna. I really enjoyed the story and have given several friends a copy. Congratulations on your first book. I can’t wait to read the next one!

Michele Cole

What a great book! God sure did give you a special gift. I had a hard time putting it down. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen. I just love the way you described everything when Jesus was on earth. I felt like I was there with Him it was wonderful.  You  made me feel like I was a part of Anna’s family  what a  a great story.  Michael is reading it now.  Thank you for writing this book.

Louise Barker

My daughter received this book as a gift from her neighbor but I read it first and just love it.  I have told many others about it and will buy some as gifts. You are a gifted writer.


Vickie, my hair stylist gave me this book I can’t tell you how much I love it! What a sweet love story and revelation of God’s love and faithfulness, thank you for writing this great story.   I look forward to reading more from you

M.A. McEathron

Reading Anna gave me a new outlook on God’s faithfulness. It really did strengthen my faith and help me reconnect with God and His love.

Cherylin Atlanta

Just came home from spending 3 weeks with my parents, helping my dad recover from his bypass. When your first sent me your book, you included one for my mom and I never got around to sending it to her so I brought it with me when I came to Canada. She loved it!  She has reread several portions of your book and feels it was meant to come to her at this time as she struggles through on my dad's recovery.   My mom has mentioned several times to  a number of  people how much she enjoyed this book. My mom is an avid reader, she heads up a book club with various people who share this position and I wanted you to know how much she felt and loved this book. She wants to read more from you. Just wanted to share this with you.

Brenda Rogers

I’m ready for another book!! I really enjoyed reading and wanted to continue, but there weren't any more pages. I hardly ever read but I started your book and couldn't put it down.  I’m giving this one to my brother and his wife. Hurry up with the next one.

Peggy Kirkwood-Ferguson

I loved this book !  I had a hard time putting it down. You captured my attention with this book, it made me look  at Jesus a little different and the disciples. I really enjoyed it.

Shirley B

I wanted to write you sooner when I had finished Anna.  It did take a little longer than I thought it would. However, every time I went back to read I found that my interest did not change at all.  I really enjoyed this book it is well written and  a good read.

Maria Hensley

David and Anna gave me inspiration and insight to see God differently then I had before. I have enjoyed reading this book a lot, and am looking forward to reading the next book. What a marvelous and huge faith David and Anna had for God, and they trusted him to the fullest. No other author has made me cry like I did while reading this great book. Thank you for this book!

Linda Henney

I wanted you to know that I just loved this book!   It is full of God’s goodness and a great love story. Thank you for writing this wonderful novel.

Kathy Guhl

Wonderful, fantastic book! Great romance and it was really interesting historically to read what times were like in Jesus time on earth. There was adventure, suspense and excitement as well as romance. About ready to read a second time and can't wait to read another book by this fantastic writer.

Betty Robles

I could not put your book down Melanie. The story is so captivating, authentic in the Jewish customs and such a perfect love story. So wonderful that we could get a glimpse of how it might have been when Jesus walked among the poeple. I loved every page and I highly recommend Anna to everyone. My granddaughter, eight years old loved it. Can hardly wait for your next book.

Sue Carter

I just loved this book it is not only a sweet love story but it shows God’s great love for humanity. I feel as if I really met these people and want all my friends to know them also. As you know I’ve already bought eight copies and will buy more. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

Cathy O’Brien

Thank you for the novel Anna A Story Of Redemption I really did enjoy reading it.  You have developed strong characters and a beautiful love story. The details  about the Temple and Jewish customs were very interesting.  This would make a good TV series. Can’t wait for the next one.

Joyce Davidson

Last week I finished your book it is fast paced and good characters easily could be a movie. Happy Easter.

Andrew M.

My girlfriend and I read your book she really enjoyed it a lot. It was her mom’s idea that we read it. The part I liked was the history that was fascinating to me you did make it interesting. We both agree that this would make a good movie or t.v. series maybe you should try for that? After we finished we both wondered if marriage could really be that nice? It did seem too good to be true, but then I guess your book could be a way of showing what marriage can be.

Jo Helen

I finished reading your novel and I don’t know when I have cried so much. What a beautiful book I enjoyed every chapter what a gifted writer you are. Thank you for writing it  I will certainly tell others about this wonderful novel.

Charley N.

I finished reading Anna in just two days I read several books every week . First I am surprised that this lady that I’ve know for years has written this wonderful novel. Melanie, I hope that statement doesn’t hurt your feelings.   I truly enjoyed this book it has all the elements that a good novel should.  The historical events were depicted so strong that I could see all of it in my mind.  The characters were vibrant and extremely engaging early  in the book you become friends with Anna and the others.   Boy did that woman like to pray!   However, I believe that Melanie captured the essence of life in Israel at that time in history. The triumph  and the tragedy  all of it is there wrapped up in a beautiful, passionate love story.   I would like to see this book become a movie.


A book that opened my eyes I am an avid reader.  I would generally consider my reading of authors and subject matter to be varied.  I probably lean to a good mystery, comedy, romance, biography or perhaps the latest and most popular book that has been rated.  This book was more than a pleasant surprise.  Not a surprise, that the author could write a good story, but surprised with myself for being so narrow minded into not venturing into other genres of great story telling.  Anna's story was a beautifully woven mixture of characters that you could relate and feel with and I found myself immersed in this book wanting to know more and found it was given.  What I enjoyed about this book, was the author maintained a current reflection of what we all want and seek in life and that never changes.  I found her historical and biblical reference very interesting as this is an area I must confess to not knowing.  A beautiful love story, a message given and a read worthwhile. Thank you for your book Melanie.

Patrick D.

This is a well written book I enjoyed it. Melanie’s portrayal of the early days of the church is strong she weaves the historical events into a story that is easy to follow and full of human emotions. It would make a good movie. However, I doubt that there has ever been a man as good as David he does throw the rest of us under the bus!

Carol Bescript

What an absolutely terrific book Anna was! The pages were filled with so much detail and I wanted to jump through the pages to witness it all for myself. Anna lived a full life with a faith in God some could not understand. And to have two handsome strong men loved her is something all women would dream of. You are an extraordinary writer with a gift for telling a story. Great job and I look forward to many more books from you.

Your Friend In Augusta

I received your book last week and knowing what my schedule was I asked my assistant if she wanted to read it first. A few days later she said ‘this book is spell binding I just didn’t want to put it down.’ Now it is my turn I will send you my review as soon as I am finished.


My boyfriend’s mother gave me your book and I began to read it because she asked me to.  She wasn’t sure if a teenager would like it.  I finished it in about four days and I love it!  I am a Christian  but I don’t read many Christian books this one I will tell my friends about.


Empowerment, Excitement, Passion, Love and Breathtaking are just a few of the words that come to mind while reading this wonderful book! Not making time to read for pleasure this book has made it exciting to read! Well written book revealing the GREAT LOVE LETTER of God placed upon the heart and lives of the Early Church. It will continue bless you in a number of ways. ENJOY!

Bethel A. Tyner

I finished your book and I must tell you it is a wonderful story.  The I really loved all of it I felt like I was taking the journey with Anna   The wonder of God’s love and faithfulness is  in every chapter.  The characters now seem like friends and the details of the Temple and festivals was so vivid I could see it all in my mind.   Thank you for writing this book.


Sue  Carter  gave me her book after reading it. I have just finished it and it was a wonderful book. I’m sure it will be a blessing to others as it has been to me.


What a great novel! I cried, laughed and rejoiced, it really blessed my life.  What a wonderful story thank you for writing it.

Donnie Jackson

First of all I’m not much of a reader especially a romance novel, it’s a guy thing. My thought was to read a chapter or two because we are friends and put it away. However, after reading two chapters I didn’t want to put it away. This is a very good book filled with all the emotions that humans experience not to mention strong characters and good plots. I just kept thinking this would make a great movie and I hope it does!  Hope you are not offended that at first I didn’t want read it, but now I’m really glad I did


This is one of the best books I have read in my lifetime. It was such a beautiful story I didn't want it to end. I wept and rejoiced more than once. Also it was a great reminder for me that we have the same Jesus today."Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and for ever." Heb 13:8.  Thank you for sharing this precious story that was inside you. Everyone that reads it will be blessed.  I definitely will read this book a second time and  I look forward to reading other great stories from you!

Terry Idanza

A great Christian story with something for every reader; passion, action, love, and drama. A real page-turner and a must read!!

V.L Brower

I usually get bored just sitting and reading, but your Chapters end by drawing you into the next chapter because you can’t wait to see what happens next or what Anna has to say.  I can just picture every scene in my mind because everyone and every place is so detailed.  I will also tell others not only at my Church and at work about the book.   I just love it!

Elaine Barber

The story is a superb depiction of what life was like in the days of Jesus. Its’ intertwining of realistic living experiences of some very alluringcharacters and their interactions with Jesus and each other make it refreshingly appealing.

Lisa KirkwoodOwner, Clark's Music Center of Jacksonville

Riveting!  Calling every emotion to attention....

Tabitha P. CalderaReal Estate Manager

A captivating love story.....I couldn't put it down.

Charlie Nelson

I finished reading your second novel Ruler of Kings The Voice of the Ancients, what an imagination you have!  A great read, strong interesting characters and unbelievable plot.  Several times I was completely surprised by the many twists and turns in this saga. I was glad it didn’t end like  I thought it would. I am  waiting for Hollywood to make this into the block buster it can be.

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