Below is an excerpt from a conversation Anna is having with Mica as she attempts to explain the unexplainable which is the wonder and limitless love of God.  And the WORD was made flesh-Jesus.

“If the most notable authors of the world could meet and exhaust their intellect and ability to write the world’s most wonderful story, they would still fall far below the story that God has written.  So vast are His ways, yet this story is so simple that even a child can receive life through Jesus.  When time as we know it yields to eternity, every accomplishment of man will bow and submit itself to His greatness.  Only faith will be able to stand in His presence, and those who embrace it.  We will shine as stars in His heaven.  As the columns of the Temple stand as visual reminders of God’s Majesty, so will our lives of faith.  The just will live by faith.

Walking back through the pathways of time I now see the footprints of God.  He has been there every day.  In my times of complaining, He listened without rebuke.  In my days of sadness, He was there holding my heart in His hands. When all looked hopeless, He was my anchor in the storm.  He danced with me.  He sang with me. He laughed with me, not at me.  Not once did He become unhappy or disappointed with me.  He is love, so He loves.  He is love, so His care is limitless.  He is love,  so He gives without expecting anything in return. This is true love.  He does not hesitate when we are in need.  He will abandon all of heaven to touch one hurting soul.  Such is the One who is the lover of my soul.  His name is Jesus”.

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