One of the main characters in Anna, is her husband David, and his theme in life is ‘ God is faithful.”  During  these last three years I’ve had to remind myself of that continually.  
We sold our home three years ago and moved to the back of our church in three rooms, notice the number three.  Of course, we had every reason to believe it would only be for a few months, not three years!!!  House prices, as you well know, have been extremely high and  put the brakes on many who would like to purchase a home, us included.
However, it has been a learning and growing season for both of us.  HE  has indeed been faithful.  The church property has a great deal of woods with wildlife coming across it on a regular basis, which we have truly enjoyed and feed!
They never acknowledge our goodness or even nod their heads in approval, but we faithfully put out goodies for all of them.  Why? Because they bring us joy.
Our kindness in feeding animals isn’t because they asked us or begged us, but because we enjoy watching them.  Day after day they come and we stop and watch with gladness as they eat the treats.
I tell you this so that you will understand that our Heavenly Father is good and He is faithful, just because HE IS LOVE.  And He enjoys doing for us and sings over us with joy when we receive from HIM the treats that He faithful gives to us every day.
 Never forget it isn’t our goodness that brings the blessings, but it is HIS GOODNESS.. His mercy is new every morning and it is morning somewhere around the globe all the time.
Oh, by the way, we have purchased a house and will move in shortly. Praise the Lord!

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