Oh, the wonders of writing! It is exciting, delightful, frustrating, and requires patience, lots of patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good book or play or musical composition. It all takes time, reflection, energy and patience. Did I say that already? Why yes, I did, silly me.

Just as life is a journey of learning, growing, disappointments, pain, joyful events and everything in between, the process of writing is all of that, because you are dealing with people, (imaginary or not) and living. In my limited travels to other countries, I have found that people are all desirous of love, safety, provisions, and good health. These are essential for happiness and regardless of the genre an exciting book should have some of the same elements.

Hopefully, we become so involved with the lives of the characters, crying when they cry, laughing with them and surprised when it goes in a different direction than we expected. As life so often does. And at the close of the last chapter, you might feel as if you’ve said good bye to a new friend.

When one book has concluded, there is always one simmering in the back of our mind waiting for us to bring it to life, and a new journey will begin.

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