I have been so lazy in regards to my books and writing. How lazy have you been, you might ask. Well don’t. This summer has been a season of many distractions and some sorrow. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death with a good friend and my brother-in-law. I miss them both. The remodeling of the master bath, out of town company, a new grand daughter, surgery and more! So while I haven’t been glued to the computer writing, or editing, I’ve been busy.

I am in the process of getting Anna printed for the 3rd time. I only have two copies left and have several requests to purchase this wonderful book. Also, found out that some used copies are selling on Amazon. And a dear lady told me that she has loaned her copy to about eight or nine people in five states in the past two years. Doesn’t help my bank account, but the story is moving forward. So I am well pleased.

The entire writing adventure has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful that I got out of the boat and took the step of faith. Years ago the Lord spoke to me and said, “the boat is extremely full of fearful people. Step out onto the waters of faith and trust Me. Out here where I am, there is plenty of room.” So I did. Is He calling you to do the same thing?

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