Well finally the baby has been born! I carried her for 2 years and 7 months. I don’t think elephants carry their young that long, do they? However, the delivery was so easy – not at all like the other children that I delivered. And all of you guys are clueless about this unless of course you understand that I am talking about my novel was born. But I have delivered children also.  And it is with fear and excitement that I send her out into the world to be evaluated by friends and foes. How will she hold her head up high and hold on to her dignity if others are cruel and uncaring? Did I prepare her for all the inspection that she will undergo? I guess only time will tell, and like parents every where, if she is praised by all I did good. However if she is dismissed and treated poorly then it is her daddy’s side of the family that caused her to mess up! Lol

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