For those who do not know the beginning of this trek that I’ve been on, it all started April of 2010. I was listening to a pastor on the web and he made this statement, “who are these people that Jesus dealt with? What was their lives like before they met Jesus? And what about after they had that grand encounter with the Master? Can you even imagine?”

It was there standing in my kitchen that I knew a story was waiting to be told. In my mind it would take an hour or two and be a couple of pages at most. Never in my wildest dreams did I think about a novel. Writing a novel has never crossed my mind ever. And when I finished the first 100 or so pages I was shocked and it had only taken about eight or ten hours all together. It was as if someone was sitting next to me and said: I’ll talk, you type. It was all there waiting to be put in print. After I finished the other two hundred pages it was more than a week before I could speak the words, ‘I have written a novel.’ It
was just too strange and yet it was true.

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