This has been a great journey and I have loved it completely. I found out that I am the comma queen. I have a passionate love affair with commas, however it is a one sided relationship. For my editor has shamelessly taken away most of my commas and she did it with glee! I had so purposely placed each one in its own special setting and then she came and ripped them away. I was shattered! And as if that wasn’t enough, she then shined the spot light on my backward sentences and laughed as she did it. With a bewitching power, she brought my reading group into the joy that she had because of my lack of proper punctuation. They toasted my faulty sentence structure and danced with rejoicing.

Well, actually we all had many laughs over my poorly placed commas and sentence structure. My reading group has been grand in every way. They have loved me, supported me and, yes, laughed with me for months – thank you. And I have a very special friend that agreed to edit this novel. She is a jewel in more ways than I can count. I told her that I owed her my first born to which she replied, “do you want this friendship to end now? Just kidding.”

My husband and family are the best fans anyone could have. If nothing comes of this novel, just the sweetness of my family and the renewal of friendships along the way has been reward enough. How blessed I am.

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