So you are thinking about having a baby? (Writing a book) Well I’ve learned that it is like
falling off a bike – you never forget how. No, wait! That’s riding a bike that you don’t forget.
However, it’s the falling that you remember most.

Everyone has a story to tell; whatever your story, is it is important and should be told. I met a
dear gentleman a few years ago. Both of us were having our cars worked on. As I always do, I
started up a conversation. He told me that he had fought in the great war and was a prisoner of war
for a few weeks. I thanked him for his sacrifice and asked if he had written down his experiences?
“No, who would want to read about that?” he said, to which I answered that I would love to read
that! Please ,please, don’t leave this earth without telling your story. I then handed him my business
card and again pleaded with him to leave that legacy in writing for others to read. I never heard from
him and that is so sad because his story is part of our story.

Maybe your journey doesn’t seem important either, but it is. Your story is as unique as you.
When it is told from your view point there really isn’t a right or wrong with your journey. I’m not
saying that you did everything perfect or that you didn’t do some amazingly stupid things, but the
unveiling of your life story should not have a box next to it marked right or wrong. You made
mistakes but YOU are not a mistake.

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