Anna A Story of Redemption


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“Anna will be married in four months!” With these words my future is planned without my consent. My father and a man that I do not know have laughed and shared glasses of wine as they sealed this agreement and now I must obey. How can this be happening? I am only 15 and I do not want to marry. With that announcement, my story begins.

It is a journey overflowing with sweet moments of wonderful breathtaking passion, surrounded by pure love and faithfulness. Also written on these pages, commanding your attention, is fear, hatred, and death.

I live in the most turbulent time of history. All of Israel is under the oppressive and diabolical rule of Rome. I am unwillingly thrust onto the stage of life in this drama as traditions, laws and the deep rooted lust of wicked men are all demanding that I bow in submission.

In my society, women are just property and I am without a voice or rights, until one man comes and gives me a voice. His love is so consuming and powerful that it liberates my soul. It is his love that guides and protects me as I face rulers and authorities who are plotting betrayal, rejection and death against me.


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